Traditions and beyond.

Of late Tamilians numbering lakhs have been thronging the Marina beach in Chennai to protest the ban on Jallikattu – the traditional bull taming festival followed across Tamil Nadu. Some might argue that this is a traditional festival and the foreign NGO’s are keen on destroying our culture to the last nail, and some might argue that bull taming events are held in other parts of the world and there is none objecting or regulating those events, but we should also understand that there was reason and meaning behind some traditions or practices and for some other traditions it was just to satiate the desire of one greedy person. No doubt Jallikattu has been passed on to us by our forefathers, but there are news reports going around in social media that confirm that the Bulls are tortured and also injured under the garb of tradition which are often irreversible. It is upon us to decide the pros and cons of these traditions and decide whether they are really needed and also they do not torture, harm or injure any human or animal.


Cashless economy

Why is the Indian Government hesitant to push Cashless transactions as the norm of the day? Why are they still lingering onto cash as a primary mode of daily business transactions. Isn’t the system not ready to cope with? Then develop a system and make it sustainable. every transaction will be recorded and Indian economy will be one of the vibrant economies in the entire world. Corruption will take a heavy beating by this step. Cashless economy is the way forward.


I have been working in IT for the past 1.5 years and I feel that people working in IT are a paranoid bunch, when compared to people working in other sectors. The recent announcement by the Government demonetizing currencies of denominations 500 and 1000 confirmed the fact that IT engineers are really a paranoid bunch. As soon as the announcement started rolling in WhatsApp groups, some of my friends who work for IT MNC’s started getting panicky instead of awaiting the entire information to be in their hands and everyone started asking the same questions again and again thereby creating a hysteria, which was unwarranted.

Well this paranoia stems from the fact that IT is in fact a stressful sector and at most times it is imperative that we double check the code and also prepare for any untoward issues and incidents that might arise out of the code that we develop. Very paranoid indeed.

A party to remember

IBM and Air Canada have a very successful and fruitful relationship in managing the IT services of the fast growing global airline. Keeping this in mind Air Canada had thrown a party for employees of IBM India (Pune offices) to recognize the hard work that we put in to help Air Canada manage their IT arm.

Taking cognizance of this, IBM India organized a party in Flying Saucer Bar and Restaurant that was spearheaded by Vivacious Geetika, Dynamic Dhanesh, Awesome Arun and Kindhearted Konar, the rest of the team reached the restaurant around 9 PM ( 8 PM was the mentioned time, but it took time for everyone to join and have a blast ). As people trickled in, it was nice to interact with everyone on this night (with whom we rarely have a conversation with) and hear them share their experiences about working in IBM and also with Air Canada. Everyone had interesting experiences that was waiting to be shared, and as more people joined in, the conversations were slowly muscled out by the starters and the mocktails; that also trickled in as more and more people followed.



The DJ was playing some impromptu music, probably not encouraged by the reception that he got for the kind of music that he played. Sandeep was doing some energetic dance moves and he prodded everyone whom he could persuade. Nirmiti, Dipti, Sachin, Arun, Roshni, Suzan and not to forget Geetika joined him on the dance floor, but most of them were in the lounge gulping down mocktails (trying different flavours) and munching those starters too. After some more starters, mocktails and finally some beers, people got the much needed zing in their soul and more people hit the dance floor. Sandeep was dying to have some company on the dance floor and that company first came in the form of Deepmala and then Ganesh whose energy was incredible matching step with step as that of Sandeep’s. Shubham was in a world of his own and Bravanth was frequently interrupted by phone calls, while Dhanesh and Konar were behind the scenes enjoying the party and acknowledging the dance performances. Songs from Bajirao Mastani’s “MALHARI”, Sairat’s “JHINGAT”, the everlasting APPADI PODU and Chennai Express’s “THE LUNGI DANCE” resonated and brought out the decibel matching performances from everyone. THE LUNGI DANCE finally brought out Bravanth from his hibernation and gave a performance that was worthy to remember. Out of Nowhere, Sachin had squeezed out of the dance floor to attend a work related call. Everyone could understand his predicament. After some more songs, a few mellow dance performances and with the clock hitting 11 PM, it was time to stop the music and finally hit the dinner table that was arranged on the roof-top terrace.  With Pune’s airport as the skyline in the backdrop it was quite a view.  We had some pics and selfies against the backdrop and finally we binged upon dinner.

Rotis, Naans were followed with some vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and everyone had a sumptuous dinner. The dinner ended with a round of Gulab Jamoons and Ice-Creams. More conversations followed during the dinner and after the dinner and finally it was time to leave for the day as the clock had ticked past 12. Group photos rounded off the day and everyone acknowledged each other’s hard and smart work in helping each other run the IT arm of Air Canada.

Thank You Air Canada and Thank You IBM for this wonderful party. Hope to see many more parties more frequently.

Krishi Kalyan Cess

In recent years, there has been a spate of suicides in the farming community mainly due to crop loss which is the direct result of a drought. Governments over the years have only stressed about compensating the crop loss to the farmer which is definitely the need of the hour, but in a more broader sense, Governments and Bureaucracy have failed to address the serious issue of drought. There are no improvements made in this regard. Farmers are still reeling under drought related crop losses, and Governments and Individuals are still compensating these losses and this year the Union Government has gone one step further by introducing a cess in addition to the exorbitant taxes that are being collected. People are being taxed way too much for the ill-preparedness of the Government and for the lack of quality research, ideas and experimentation. The need of the hour is a permanent solution to resolve the issue of drought. In an Agrarian economy like India and with the source of water not being perennial in all parts of the country it is imperative to work towards a solution to minimize the impact of drought, so that the farming community do not suffer as a result of drought. The Governments should work towards conserving water when there is too much rainfall that result in floods. Even though this rain water mixes with sewage and result as a wastage, the Govt and the bureaucracy should ensure that this source of water is not wasted, instead it should be purified at least to the extent of using it for farming. This may not be the intended resolution but given the fact that when the monsoon fails there is a lot of hue and cry over the crop loss and when there are floods there is a lot of hue and cry over there. The Govt. should put in place really crazy ideas to ensure that the farming community do not have to suffer crop loss every year and as a result Indian economy also need not have to suffer the indifference of monsoon. The entire economy being dependent only on the monsoon in a technologically improved era is a very backward move. Krishi Kalyan cess is a very taxing move by the Govt. but at least, let this cess be put to good use, so that the economy runs smoothly.

Reservation – Discrimination

Much has been said, talked and written about SC / ST reservation in very recent times and with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter at the netizens’ disposal the topic of reservation has gained more mileage. Memes, Trolls are very much abundant in social media mocking the topic of Reservation. Some argue that as long as Reservation persists in the country, India will not be developed. Some others argue that Reservation has been used as a political tool to meet the political party’s own ends. Well, India is a democratic country and each one has their own opinion as long as it conforms to the Integrity and Security of India. Well, I would also like to voice out my opinion on this issue.

The arguments regarding Reservation may be or may not be true since the hindrance to development of the country definitely lies in Corruption that is breeding in the Governance of the Country. Well that is a different matter altogether, but SC/ST reservation being a hindrance to the development of the country is entirely false. If people are of the opinion that Reservation is hindrance to the development of the nation then what about discrimination. Discrimination in the worst possible manner is prevalent in Indian Society. In rural areas, the upper castes do not mingle or interact with the lower castes and if the lower castes want to interact with the upper castes, they are frowned upon. I had heard from one of my friends that whenever there is a fair in their village, lunch will be served to one and all, but lower castes are not allowed to sit with the upper castes. If this the case in rural India, it is no different in Urban India where people practice discrimination in the form of marriages and Inter-Caste marriages is totally frowned upon. People go to the extent of killing their own children if the children act against their parents’ advise and marry outside their caste or else they would be ostracized from their community. Is falling in love with a lower caste boy / girl a crime. When would this Discrimination Stop and what crime have these folks done so that they are looked down. Is this the development that these folks are talking about. I would like to ask my fellow citizens’ who are against Reservation, that why don’t they stop their hatred towards Reservation and cleanse the minds of the folk who are in favour of discriminating the lower castes. Instill the sense of oneness among these ignorant upper caste folk who think that lower caste people should be looked down. Is this the kind of development of a Nation that is needed wherein the glitzy malls, super-markets, rapid strides in Science and Technology is prevalent while humans’ look down other humans which was the norm in Medieval India. Is this the development that you people are talking about. I would say NO. Development should be of the human mind and this development propagates in the development of the country. Development of the human mind should be encouraged, and discrimination should be frowned upon. Ignorance towards this discrimination should be eradicated. Until the time, where people believe that casteism is an evil and everyone is treated equal, let the SC / ST Reservation stay even if it takes a century or a millenium. Development of a Nation without the Development of the Human mind is certainly not needed.


I would like to share my experience of spending time with my family and friends before and after shifting to Pune. (Recently, I shifted from Bangalore to Pune on account of work). Before, I came to Pune, I was bragging to everyone, family, friend’s, relatives that I have got a job in a multi-national company and I would become independent very soon. With this endless bragging, I did not reciprocate the love shown to me from my family members. Then I boarded a bus and came to Pune and after arriving in Pune, I realized the meaning of a close knit family. On the first day in Pune, I was feeling homesickness on one side and on the other side I was excited about my new job. But on the second day, the situation turned so worse and I felt very lonely and I felt like crying. Somehow, I consoled myself and it turned better for the next couple of days. I confirmed an accommodation at a hostel and then I left for Bangalore, just to experience the love of my family members. I left for home on the fourth day and I reached Bangalore. The first thing after reaching Bangalore was to eat the food prepared for me by my mother and I just relished the home made food. And then I talked with my parents for a long time and it felt nice to be back in home. I felt like, why to slog in an unknown city with unknown people for an unknown experience and that too for an American multinational firm, who at the end of the day will put us in some boring work environment. I thought of quitting this job then and there itself and search for a job in Bangalore. It is not difficult to find a job in Bangalore. But then the contract period reminded and then I killed those ideas. Then I met my friends’ and it felt like I hadn’t met them for ages even though I had been out of Bangalore for only four days. I and my friends’ went on a day long trip and it felt really nice to be at  in the company of family and friends. Then I prayed to God to change my product location to my home-town and the request is still pending with God. Probably he must be busy processing other’s applications who have the same request to be in their hometown. Now, with the added experience of what is to be away from family and friends, I calmly reciprocate the love shown to me by my family and friends’ and it is a nice experience. Right now, I am slogging in a rather unknown city to me for the same American multi-national hoping to make very soon.

Necessity of an All Rounder in Indian Cricket

BCCI needs to seriously rejig its training manual and consider grooming all-rounders from a serious point of view. Looking at the way Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson batted during the 1st innings of the second test between India and Australia, India needs to at least one all rounder in the team when the specialists are having a bad day. Considering the fact that the recent all-rounder that India produced was Yuvraj SIngh ( whose career is as good as over after being not selected for the World Cup 2015 and also age not at his disposal)  it is time that Indian cricket team has at-least an all-rounder. Look at the all-rounders that some of the teams have produced. Steve Waugh, Allan Border, Jacques Kallis are all legends and Australia has a genuine all-rounder in the name of Shane Watson who can take a game away from the opposition on his day. But this cannot happen every day, as it did today and Mitchell Johnson rose up to the situation and provided a fluent cameo of 80+ score to take his team to safety. And with the likes of Johnson and Watson in the Australian team, they have a battery of pacers who can instill fear in the opposition ranks and can also accommodate for fellow bowlers who are having a bad day. The all-rounders are a vital asset for any team and having at least one in the team can boost the team’s chances of winning a match dramatically increase.

Medical Tourism.

This morning, I read an article about Medical Tourism, which has paid glowing tributes to the growing adulation from abroad towards the affordable medical tourism in India. Medical tourism is a good sign for India, that it speaks good practices being followed with regard to medicine in India, and it also improves our economy and provides livelihood to scores of people. But on a deeper thought, if we visit some hospitals in India, we have this ever persistent problem of not providing affordable health-care to our brothers and sisters, while people from abroad are coming and getting their illnesses cured. What an irony!! The article also pointed out that foreigners never haggle about medical insurance and everything is done to them in a very transparent manner, while it is always the opposite for Indians. The agents always try to point some loopholes and try to wash their hands away from the mess they have created, and medical insurance is always a nightmare in India, with the companies pointing out numerous loopholes after the patient has been operated and waiting for discharge. The despair on the kin of the patient to get them discharged while waiting for the insurance money is unbearable. Numerous documentation work, that prescription, this prescription, that reports, this reports etc. etc. Insurance companies make the kin run from pillar to post to get one or the other document in order to get the patient discharged and this is energy sapping which is uncalled for. The process has to be streamlined so that people need not have to fret about the financial costs of the surgery and health-care has to be made affordable to every citizen in the country irrespective of their financial health. It is time that Indians are treated on par with their western counterparts in India, with regard to health-care.

Constructive Opposition in Indian Politics

Indian politics and politicians have to come of age and work towards betterment of the country and its citizens whether they sit in the treasury benches or warm the benches in the opposition. Acrimony and animosity towards an politician or any political party, should be limited till the electioneering and when reality sets in the form of running the Government and the country then it is high time that politicians and political parties should join hands and take the country forward. The recent appointment of Smt. Smriti Irani as the HRD minister by the Prime Minister, prompted some loose talk from the opposition Congress party. Though it is agreed that India needed an educationist to head the all important Ministry of Education considering that Higher Education within the country is in total shambles, but it needed warrant the opposition party to dwelve on her educational background without giving her a chance to work. It was commendable on part of the Education minister that she did not take it seriously and sincerely asked the opposition to give her a chance to show her capabilities on the work front and then judge her. The opposition did in fact forgot that it would be foolish to judge a book by its cover and they were made to eat their own words. In another instance, another member of the opposition was rebuked by his own partymen when he praised the Prime Minister for doing a commendable job and taking concrete steps to take the country forward. Seriously, what is going on with the Indian National Congress party. Have they lost their track, after the mighty defeat due to the strong disapproval of their style of governance during the recently concluded general elections. If so, then they need to pull up their socks, because a country can move forward only if there is a constructive opposition who can rebuke the Government when they go wrong and also in the same vein praise the Government when they do something that is in the best interest of the Nation. As the opposition member rightly said, it would be rude on part of the opposition to sit back and throw questions on the Government’s face, while the Government do the hard task of nation building. Instead it would be beneficial to the opposition to join hands with the Government and help them in the task of governing and building the nation, thereby improving the standard of living of all the countrymen.